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Ah Wei (阿炜手制) - Yellow • Seven (黄 • 柒)

Ah Wei (阿炜手制) - Yellow • Seven (黄 • 柒)

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Ah Wei (阿炜手制)

Yellow • Seven (黄 • 柒)

Roast Level: Full (足火)

Production Year: 2018

In the Wuyi mountain, Ah Wei (阿炜) is a legend. He was an outsider who has made a name for himself - a painter who insists on traditional handmade cliff tea production, an individual whose dedication to cliff tea making has driven him to rely on medication to sustain his life, a practitioner of tea as an art, and someone who attracts tea enthusiasts from all over the country to watch him make tea.

For Cliff tea, people pays too much attention to its production areas and types, but ignores the tea itself. So Ah Wei marks his teas with colors and numbers for different types, only he knows what they are. It is also a pleasure for us to truly experience what the artist wants to express. This Yellow • Seven tea was recommended by Ah Wei.

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