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Dr. Incense

Attar & Oud - Pink Lotus Oud 1980s

Attar & Oud - Pink Lotus Oud 1980s

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Ingredient:  Pink Lotus Absolute (Hexane Free), Hainan 1980s Oud, Incredible TARAKAN Oud, Aged Laos Oud, etc.

LIMITED EDITION by adding 40 years aged Sinking Hainan 1980s Oud!

Pink Lotus oil is an extremely rare and highly sought-after oil. It has a unique floral scent that, similar as Oud, it is the most holy and heavenly fragrance in the world. In order to make this special batch of attar, we have specially selected the most incredible TARAKAN Oud that has been aged for nearly 30 years, and the aged one from Laos too. After blended with the Pink Lotus oil for several months, it not only can open all the channels in my body, but also seems to touch my soul.

Of course, our idea to creating attars is entirely different from that of modern perfumery. We don't simply treat them as fragrances with top, middle, and base notes. Instead, we think as ancient alchemists, concocting a truely elixir. Thus, it’s like lotuses blooming in a deep pond, offering you endless vitality.

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