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Meditation & Yoga Incense - Cool Moon

Meditation & Yoga Incense - Cool Moon

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Ingredient: Aged Chenpi (30 years), Premium agarwood, Mysore sandalwood, Borneol, etc.

Usage: Ancient meditation recipe, suitable for work, study or meditation. 

Summer is just around the corner. In order to make a batch of interesting incense of this month, we have immersed 30 years aged Chenpi in the top-grade natural borneol for over two months. The Chenpi has already absorbed enough coolness, promising you an unforgettable cooling and refreshing sensation.

The most significant difference of the type A borneol is that it can be eaten directly as it's formed naturally, while the other two are for external use. However, most incense on the market is made with type C, and only a few of high-end incense uses type B. For this incense, it was made with 100% type A borneol. Once you experience, you will understand it's cooling power is irreplaceable in the world.

This recipe was created by a monk from Hua Zang Temple(华藏寺)in Ming Dynasty. All spices were processed in traditional ways and blended in special order. Another important ingredient for this incense is 30 years aged Chenpi (Dried Tangerine Peel), as there is an old saying: One aged Chenpi worth one gold (百年陳皮勝黃金)". As known to all, Chenpi is widely used in food and Chinese medicine, but very few people know it is also an important spice for incense especially in Ming Dynasty. 

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