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TCM Herbal Incense - Changbai Ginseng Incense

TCM Herbal Incense - Changbai Ginseng Incense

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Ingredient: Changbai mountain ginseng,  Sinking agarwood, notoginseng, etc. 

Usage: Promote the flow of Qi in the Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin to maintain the health of the heart. And increase the positive energy of our body.

Summer is approaching, and Fire is the element of summer which associated with the Heart. As we know, Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. At this most suitable season, we have prepared a wonderful incense to nourish and protect your heart.

Changbai mountain ginseng is the most miraculous herb in Traditional Chinese medicine which can extend life, and bring back a dying person too. Of course, it is the best material for us to make this batch of incense, after blended with Sinking agarwood, it reachs a higher energy level to open the channels in our bodies. Once smelled, you can feel very strong Qi flow in the Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyin, and your whole body will be full of energy immediately.  Hope this incense will bring you health and happiness in this hot summer!

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