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Traditional Blended Incense - Smiling Orchid (Sinking Version)

Traditional Blended Incense - Smiling Orchid (Sinking Version)

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Ingredient: Sinking agarwood, Musk, Mysore sandalwood, Clove, etc.

Smiling Orchid (笑兰香) is one of my best incense with extremely high energy. By using Sinking agarwood, it reaches another amazing level. Don't miss this Sinking version!

Smiling Orchid, which is one of the most important incense for royal family. After it was passed to Japan, only the Emperor of Japan was eligible to use it. Till now, there are more than 10 different recipes can be found for this incense. The most interesting thing is that it contains musk. We all know that musk has a very strong animal flavor, but after processing and blending, it can even simulate the fragrance of orchids.

Musk (麝香) is not only a spice, but also a very important traditional Chinese medicine. Its main functions are to promote Qi and blood circulation. For this Smiling Orchid which contains musk, it specially promote the circulation in the Gallbaldder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyang (足少阳胆经) which is one of the Principal Meridians. The red line shows the path of this Meridian which starts from the side of our head and flows around ears and end at the foot. Abnormalities in this meridian often lead to insomnia, migraines and tinnitus, after years of testing, the Smiling Orchid indeed has the effect of relieving the diseases related with this Merdian, and help sleeping.

No wonder, in ancient times the incense was the favorite of the royal family for the following two functions: one was to bring them elegant and unprecedented experiences. Another was to promote the circulation of Qi and blood in their bodies to keep healthy. These are the secrets or ancient wisdoms of our ancestors to utilize incense for thousands of years. And I am so glad to share with you this most beautiful incense.

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