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Wuyi Tea - Wild Honeysuckle Tea

Wuyi Tea - Wild Honeysuckle Tea

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Wild honeysuckle tea from Mount Wuyi

Every April, the old man old lady in the village will go to pick the wild honeysuckle in the mountain. According to the wisdom passed down from generation to generation there, only the flower buds can be picked before it blooms. After that, the intact ones will be picked out and slowly dried in the shade. In this way, it will have the best curative effect to clear away heat and toxicant in our body. However, only the old people in the village will make this tea. For every 500 grams, around 40,000-50,000 flower buds need to be picked by hand, very time-consuming but relatively low value. So all the young people in the village went to grow Cliff tea now.

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