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Wuyi Tea - Jin Jiao Yi Rou Gui (Medium 中火)

Wuyi Tea - Jin Jiao Yi Rou Gui (Medium 中火)

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Jin Jiao Yi Rou Gui


Roast Level: Medium (中火)

Production Year: 2023

This is a tea with an extraordinarily wonderful aroma, it comes from a unique geographical location, and the tea trees absorb enough nutrients and minerals from the rocks. Coupled with the very precise control of roasting to created this excellent Ciff tea. Only the last 100g left for this batch!

Jin Jiao Yi (金交椅) is located at Niu Lan Keng (牛栏坑), which is one of the most famous San Keng Liang Jian (三坑两涧). As Niu Lan Keng is a geographic basin, and Jin Jiao Yi is on the cliff of the basin. This tea undergoes a very special slow roasting process which lasting over 30 hours, by using a low heat. This prolonged roasting process significantly preserves its aromatic compounds, resulting in a particularly rich fragrance. The aroma is wonderfully delightful, reminiscent of fresh floral and fruits scents naturally.

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