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Wuyi Tea - Wu San Di Lao Cong (100 years old tree)

Wuyi Tea - Wu San Di Lao Cong (100 years old tree)

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Wu San Di Lao Cong

(100 years old tree) 


Roast Level: Full (足火)

Production Year: 2023

This is the oldest tea tree at Wu San Di (吴三地), it‘s the king of this area. Every year, it can produce 10 kg of fresh leaves, and finally we can only get 1 kg of tea. Just like Kynam in agarwood, it's so rare and its quality is beyond imagination. So, we call it the "Kynam of Cliff Tea".

Wu San Di (吴三地) is one of my favorite areas at Wuyi mountain, because hundreds of unpruned tea trees ranging from decades to hundreds of years old are preserved here. The villagers here all have the surname Wu (吴). Because they are large families of the same blood, they have inherited the traditions of their ancestors and the tea tree planting culture. In the modern wave of commercialization, the original ecological tea tree environment here has been preserved to the greatest extent. 

You can see these trees are covered with many other types of plants which live together to form a very complicated ecosystem, as a result the tea leaves from these trees contain extremely complicated and unique aroma. As the formation of agarwood, what really matters more than the name and variety of the tea, is the age of the tree and the environment in which it lives. The older the tree, the deeper its roots can penetrate into the soil and access to more minerals and nutrients. And the more complex the ecosystem in which it grows, more wonderful aroma molecules it can accumulate. Just like this century-old tree at Wu San Di, it is covered with thick moss and other parasitic plants, which can produce the richest Cong(枞) flavor.


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