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Wuyi Tea - Ying Zui Yan Rou Gui (2017)

Wuyi Tea - Ying Zui Yan Rou Gui (2017)

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San Yang Feng Lao Cong


Roast Level: Full (足火)

Production Year: 2017

Ying Zui Yan (鹰嘴岩), means the cliff looks like an eagle's beak, it's located in the center of the San Keng Liang Jian which produce the most wonderful Rou Gui. This tea is made in 2017 which has stored for 6 years. Like Pu'er, for many tea addictors, aged tea has a unique taste of time. And unlike the new one, the more you brew it, the more strong the aroma will be. 

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