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Lokuttara (Ambergris & Musk)

For most of the temple incense, the ordinary spices - Reiryokoh, Licorice et al., are preferred to use, as buddhists don’t pursue material desires. However, there is exception to everything, like this one - Lokuttara (出塵香). “出” means “get out of”. “塵”, translated as “dust”, refers to all the worries and troubles in this world. Lokuttara can be translated as “transcendent" or "supramundane".

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Dr. Li Fupeng, the founder of Dr. Incense, is a scientific researcher at School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.  Dr. Li and other friends initiated the establishment of the Incense Culture Association of Singapore  (新加坡香文化协会), and Nanyang Culture Academy (南洋书院), to promote incense culture and other traditional cultures in Singapore.

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