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Traditional Blended Incense - Emperor Li's Sleeping Incense (Sinking Version)

Traditional Blended Incense - Emperor Li's Sleeping Incense (Sinking Version)

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Ingredient: Sinking agarwood, Persian Rose oil, Mysore sandalwood, Borneol, etc.

Hand-made incense

Usage: Quite suitable for relax or sleeping.

Emperor Li Yu (李煜, 937-978 AD), also known as Li Houzhu (Last Ruler of Southern Tang Dynasty). Although an incompetent ruler, he was a representative ci master during his era (ci, lyrics with a much more fluid form than those used by the great Tang poets). Meanwhile, he was also uncommonly talented in calligraphy, painting, music, poem and articles.

For his sleeping incense, it is out of the ordinary too. According to the original records, the first recipe used agarwood (沉香), Rose water (薔薇水) and Styrax oil (蘇合油). You know, this recipe was recorded in the Southern Tang Dynasty a thousand years ago. The production of rose oil or rose water did not exist in ancient China, and both the Rose and Styrax oil were obtained through the Silk Road from Arabian countries that time. This is a good example of ancient China meeting Arab and European civilizations.

Of course, it is not easy to make this incense, how to fully integrate the liquid oil and solid spices. Second, flower-derived ingredients tend to produce unpleasant odors once burning and are difficult to sustain long time. We refer to some flower processing methods in the Ming Dynasty, and finally made this incense perfectly.

Hope this wonderful blend of Agarwood and Rose will bring you good dreams, just like it brought the Emperor Li Yu a thousand of years ago.

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