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Meditation & Yoga Incense - Samadhi

Meditation & Yoga Incense - Samadhi

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Ingredient: Premium agarwood, Mysore sandalwood, Reiryokoh, Borneol, etc.

Hand-made incense

Usage: Ancient meditation recipe, suitable for work, study or meditation.

The recipe of Samadhi was from an ancient temple. The most interesting thing is that when you smell it, you would feel the Qi flowing along the Du Mai (Governing Vessel). According to ancient Taoist theories, it is very important to break three barriers (Wei lü, Jia Ji, Yu Zhen) and finally open the Governing Vessel during meditation. This incense can help us to open the Du Mai and greatly increase the Aura or Qi of our bodies.

The data from Aura machine clearly shows that, after ten minutes of smelling Samadhi. The Aura from seven parts of our body increased 2-5 times. Other data also proved it is also very useful to prevent drowsiness, listless in meditation and our daily lives.

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