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Traditional Blended Incense - Bright Mirror

Traditional Blended Incense - Bright Mirror

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Ingredient: Premium agarwood, Mysore sandalwood, chrysanthemum, Borneol, etc.

Hand-made incense

Usage: Ancient temple fomula, suitable for relax or meditation.

Glad to share with you one of my favorite incense. The recipe was created by a monk from Hua Zang Temple (华藏寺)in Ming Dynasty. According to this recipe, all spices were processed in traditional ways and blended in special order. If you like my “Blue Lotus“, you should also like this “Bright Mirror”, it's the aloeswood version but much more elegant. This incense will help us in the meditation everyday to clean our mind and body.

“Bright mirror” is from a well-known Zen story. When the Fifth Ancestor - Hungren saw his death approaching he told his monks to compose a verse showing an intuitive understanding of his own inner nature. He who could do this would be given the "transmission" and receive the robe and bowl of office as Sixth Ancestor.

The favorite for the title was Shenxiu, who wrote:

Our body is the Bodhi-tree
And our mind a bright mirror.
Carefully we clean them hour by hour
And let no dust alight.

When Huineng saw the verse on the wall, asked someone to it read out to him, and dictated his own poem to be written alongside it:

There is no Bodhi-tree
Nor stand of a bright mirror .
Since all is void
Where can the dust alight?

Because of this poem, Huineng become the Sixth Ancestor of Zen.

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