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Dr. Incense

Traditional Blended Incense - Cinnabar

Traditional Blended Incense - Cinnabar

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Ingredient: Cinnabar, Juniper, Mysore sandalwood, Borneol, etc.

Hand-made incense

In history, incense is widely used to get rid of evil or negative energy.

Cinnabar is recognized as one of the most powerful and positive compounds to remove the negative forces and spirits for thousand years, especially in Taoism and Feng Shui. It was also a common ingredient of medicines being used to treat infected sores, scabies, ringworm and as a sedative for mania and insomnia since Warring States Period (475 B.C.).

To get rid of the negative energy of our living environment. There is no better tool than this incense, and it is also a favorite of Feng Shui masters in Singapore. 

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