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Wuyi Tea - Zhu Ke Rou Gui

Wuyi Tea - Zhu Ke Rou Gui

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Zhu Ke Rou Gui


Roast Level: Full (足火)

Production Year: 2023

Zhu Ke (竹窠) is located inside of the Hui Yuan Keng (慧苑坑), which is the most famous San Keng Liang Jian (三坑两涧). These tea trees grow under two big mountains which provide enough water and nutrients, very wonderful Zhengyan Rou Gui. Why do people enthusiastically embrace teas from the Zhengyan (正岩) area? It's because the tea bushes here thrive in an excellent growing environment, absorbing enough minerals and nutrients from the rocks. It is so exceptionally powerful and flavorful.

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