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Dr. Incense

Xingyi Incense - Golden Lotus

Xingyi Incense - Golden Lotus

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Ingredient: Osmanthus essential oil, Aged Assam Oud, Osmanthus, Premium Agarwood, Mysore sandalwood, etc.

Osmanthus has been a favorite raw material for incense craftman since hundreds of years ago. We used both liquid and solid forms of osmanthus to create the exquisitely beautiful golden lotus, blooming one by one in the deep agarwood pond. Very cool!

When I realised the true meaning of Xingyi Quan (形意拳), I found that the raw materials used for incense sticks are all in solid form, as the Xing or the Earth part of universe. On the other hand, the essential oils I blended are all in flowing liquid form. When they evaporate, they turn into invisible Qi, as the Yi or the Heaven part of universe. Based on this philosophy, I have developed this new series of sticks - Xingyi incense, let the solid spices and liquid essential oils meet in every note and keep them moving together throughout the entire performance, allowing them to release the original force of the Heaven and Earth. At this point, it is no longer just a simple fragrance, but an elixir of immortality that restores vitality to our bodies.

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